Green Industry

The Municipality of Chester's Green Sector is strong and growing rapidly. Anchored by a world class solid waste facility and environmental management centre, green industries can take advantage of these facilities as well as the abundance of adjacent land for development.

By the numbers

Key Sector Stats





Our Green Industry sector features 1 world class solid waste facility and environmental management centre, 34 wind turbines at the South Canoe Wind Farm, 150 acres of development land zoned for heavy industry and we are targeting a 85% landfill diversion rate in a project with Sustane Technologies.

Our Green Industry Assets


Access to and potential for reuse of resources, such as landfill gas/methane, biomass, organic waste and construction waste


Eliminate transportation costs by reusing or recycling waste products already being brought to the facility


1st partner with cleantech innovator Sustane Technologies, focused on municipal waste transformation

Our world class environmental centre is located in the Kaizer Meadow Industrial Park.

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Erin Lowe, BBA, BREC
Senior Economic Development Officer