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ABOUT the municipality of chester

Discover opportunities for investment across a wide range of sectors.

Business is thriving on the South Shore.

The Municipality of Chester is a treasure chest enriched by tradition and filled with opportunity. Sawmills and sails have defined a unique culture vibrantly expressed in the homes and boats that dot the woods and water. History is woven with the stories of families and friendships that make us who we are today. From agriculture to industry; hiking to sailing; technology to the arts, the Municipality's gifts are plentiful and diverse.
Home to approximately 10,700 people and less than an hour from Halifax, our commercial sector has the added value of being able to draw from its workforce of 460,000 strong. Over 40% of residents commute outside of the Municipality, with approximately 30% of those working in Halifax.




2021 – 10,700
2016 – 10,310
2011 – 10,600


Age Profile

11.5% – 0 to 14
57.9% – 15 to 64
30.6% – 65+


Education Attainment

26.7% – High School
25.4% – College or Apprenticeship
20.2% – University

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Participation Rate

55% – Municipality of Chester
61.3% – Nova Scotia


Employment Rate

49.9% – Municipality of Chester
55.2% – Nova Scotia


Unemployment Rate

10.2% – Municipality of Chester
10.0% – Nova Scotia

Easy Access by Plane, Train or Car

Beautiful, Strategic Location

Benefits of Doing Business in Chester

No . 1

Environmental Stewardship

As MOC’s natural beauty is of such value to residents and visitors, the municipality has taken a leadership role in preserving and keeping its natural resources safe, beginning with the installation of a large wind farm in New Ross.
No . 2

Tourism Program

Our tourism program promotes your business to tourists and residents. Leverage your marketing dollars and increase your geographic reach by partnering with our municipality and our year-round tourism marketing program.
No . 3

Recreational Assets

Blessed with a wide variety of assets already in place: world class sailing opportunities, recreational facilities, hiking and cycling trails – theatre, art centres, museums, markets, craft production, niche food and beverage production.
No . 4

Cost of Doing Business

Competitive labour costs and taxes, encouraging incentives and low property costs make Chester Municipality an easy and affordable place to do business.

No . 5

Sense of Community

In a recent study 75% of people reported a strong sense of “belonging to a community” when considering life in Municipality of Chester.
No . 6

Quality of Life

As the “gateway” to the South Shore, boasting ocean and lakeside waterfront, forest glades, farmland and an abundance of amenities: the perfect blend of work and casual living.

Learn more about living and working in Chester Municipality with our Community Profile

Strength of Local Government

Striking the optimal balance.

The Municipality of Chester's government is business friendly, fiscally responsible and focused on maintaining the right mix of services, taxes and regulation. We engage in innovative initiatives and are accountable to the people we serve each and every day.

The Municipality is divided into "districts" (sections of land) that are each represented by one Councillor that is elected by that district's residents. The number of districts that the Municipality has is based on population and density. Each district has to represent a fairly equal number of citizens (+/- 10%).

The Municipality of Chester spends 2.5x more than the average rural municipality on grants to community organizations.

No . 1

Community Events

Business summits, golf tournaments, food truck rallies and industry galas.
No . 2

Youth Sports

Competition and athlete sponsorship's and covering participation costs for over 800 youth.

No . 3

Cultural Programs

Leadership training, fitness equipment, games for seniors clubs, and virtual connections equipment.

No . 4

Beautification Initiatives

Trail development and community gardens.
No . 5

Community Upgrades

Water systems, parking lots, facility renovations and park development.
No . 6

Chester Race Week

Since 1856 Chester has held sailing regattas and now Chester Race Week is one of North America’s greatest sailing events.

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Olivia Corkum, BA, ADpPR, MPA
Economic Development Officer