Kaizer Meadow Industrial Park

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450 Kaizer Meadow Road, Chester Nova Scotia

The Kaizer Meadow Industrial Park is an excellent investment and development opportunity. Featuring 150 acres of land and close proximity (approximately 1 hour travel) to the Port of Halifax, Halifax City Centre and Halifax Stanfield International Airport it is zoned heavy industrial with no conflicting land uses. The park is home to Sustane Technologies, Full Circle Environmental Solutions and The Municipality of Chester's proven world class solid waste facility and environmental management centre. Priced at $20,000 per acre you do not want to miss out on this opportunity! 


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150 acres with large lots

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No conflicting land uses

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Zoned heavy industrial

$20,000 per acre

1 hour travel to Halifax 

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Permitted Uses

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Construction and Demolition Waste

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Light Industrial

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Waste-to-energy Landfill Gas & Methane, Biomass or Organic

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Outdoor Cannabis Production

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Forestry Processing

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Heavy Industrial

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