Quality of Life

Boasting sought after natural environments and landscapes - such as ocean and lakeside waterfront, tracks of farmland and forested areas - the MOC offers a treasure trove of community infrastructure, amenities and services.

Work Here

Find employment in our diverse business community

Our community also has a strong base of small businesses and entrepreneurs (many of them artisans crafting delightful works of art you won't find anywhere else). The environment is conducive to creativity and as a result, residents create products like folk art, works of glass fusion, pottery, and a very long list of other gifted goods. Additional industry includes boat building and repair and large, technologically-advanced manufacturing plants and firms that export worldwide. 

Refer to our Business Directory for a complete listing of our local businesses. Telecommuting is also a viable work option in the MOC, if you want to work in the adjacent city of Halifax but crave rural-living, the MOC offers an easy 40 minute commute to downtown Halifax. 

Volunteer Jobs

Find a position with purpose

Browse the listings below and find the perfect volunteer opportunity in Lunenburg County and Halifax where you can volunteer your time and expertise. For information on volunteer opportunities in other parts of Nova Scotia, please visit volunteerns.ca.
Consumer Product Prices

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Chester Municipality

Dinner for 2 at a Mid-range Restaurant


Monthly Utilities for a Condo or Apartment


Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 or Similar)


Toronto, Ontario

Dinner for 2 at a Mid-range Restaurant


Monthly Utilities for a Condo or Apartment


Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)


Hamburg, Germany

Dinner for 2 at a Mid-range Restaurant


Monthly Utilities for a Condo or Apartment


Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)


Live Here

Chester is the “gateway” to Nova Scotia's South Shore

Enjoy the feel of close-knit, safe, community living within proximity to major centres, healthcare, schools, green spaces, childcare, and amenities such as shops, restaurants, trails, cultural venues, community centres, and much more.
Lifestyle in The Municipality is driven by the outdoors. We have ocean, lakes, forests, farms, parks, and trails as our playground. Fresh air and an abundance of room to explore without having to watch for traffic or strangers. Enjoy campfires after school, play hide-and-seek in the forest for hours, and skate on ponds in the winter. We have wildlife right in our backyard; summer days when all you can hear is crickets, the rustling of the wind in dry, tall grass, and the distant hum of a boat in the bay buzzing to one of our local islands.


Community Transportation:

The Municipality of Chester Transportation Society owns and operates a community transit service, Chester Community Wheels. They provide travel to the area’s major medical centres, as well as charter services for groups and organizations. The service is marketed towards commuters who need to access shopping and errands, appointments, meetings, and visiting family and friends.

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Nova Scotia's South Shore is one Canada's southern most areas.

Due to this as well as it's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, The Municipality enjoys a climate which is distinctly mild by Canadian standards.

Summers are warm, occasionally hot inland, with high levels of humidity. Winters are cold and damp, and although snowfall occurs frequently, it is often mixed with rain and snow accumulation is moderate, particularly along the immediate coast. Mild days occur comparatively often in winter, usually as a result of low pressure systems. Spring and autumn are extremely unpredictable, and the most precipitation falls by far within the months of April and May.

Culture and REcreation

Full of natural beauty, The Municipality of Chester features many amenities & recreational assets.

In providing recreation programs, services, facilities and equipment, the Municipality endeavors to create an active, healthy and vibrant community that enriches the quality of life for all residents. Working with a community development philosophy, we strive to improve the well being of residents through quality physical, social and cultural recreation experiences. Promoting healthy, active lifestyles and a deeper appreciation for where we live is the core message in all our publications and the primary purpose for all our community events.
Tourism Chester

Be inspired by our tradition, culture and landscape.

Tourism Chester promotes The Municipality of Chester’s rich traditions, stellar scenery and collection of communities dotted along the coastline and inland westward – each with their own lovely residents all with their own stories to tell and experiences to enjoy.

We invite you to celebrate our heritage, witness our craftsmanship, and immerse yourself in our artistry ~ shaped and inspired by the East Coast itself. Make time to take in all there is to see and do in Municipality of Chester and we'll give you memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Whether day-tripper, or weekend wanderers, fun focused family vacationers, off the grid excursionists, famished foodies, trail trekkers, curious campers, history buffs and beyond we’ve got an experience you'll never forget.


Tourism Chester Ambassador Partnership Program

This program provides businesses and organizations the opportunity to provide visitor information to our tourists in exchange for extra promotion resulting in additional traffic being driven to your place of business! Special promotion includes features on tourismchester.ca and tourism Chester’s social media accounts, feature in Tourism Chester advertisements including ads in Saltscapes Magazine and Expo, Doers and Dreamers Guide, the South Shore Guide and more!


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Olivia Corkum, BA, ADpPR, MPA
Economic Development Officer