Key Sectors

Home to almost 500 businesses, The Municipality of Chester identifies five sectors — Arts, Culture & Recreation; Business Services; Construction; Green Industries; and Niche Manufacturing / Value-Added — as key targets for growth and investment.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

The Municipality of Chester has a higher concentration of arts, entertainment and recreation workers when compared to similar communities. Our creative economy positively impacts the quality of life, attracts more creators and innovators and contributes to our community’s prosperity.

Business Services

The comparatively low cost of doing business, diverse labour force and proximity to both Halifax and the U.S, all make The Municipality of Chester a low risk, high benefit option for business services providers.


Our vibrant construction industry is fueled by our high concentration of skilled trades workers which is higher than both similar communities and the province as a whole.

Green Industry

The Municipality of Chester's Green Sector is strong and growing rapidly. Anchored by a world class solid waste facility and environmental management centre, green industries can take advantage of these facilities as well as the abundance of adjacent land for development.

Niche Manufacturing / Value-Added

The Municipality of Chester is home to several niche manufacturers and offers a low cost alternative that is close to major markets, ports and airports.


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Olivia Corkum, BA, ADpPR, MPA
Economic Development Officer