Niche Manufacturing & Value-Added

One of Chester Municipality’s longest standing and most innovative sectors, Niche Manufacturing / Value-Added, is a vibrant local economic engine based manufacturing niche, high-value products derived from locally sourced inputs.

By the numbers

Key Sector Stats





Our Niche Manufacturing / Value-Added sector features 20 advanced manufacturers, 13 food & beverage makers, a 28 ton capacity marine crane (Canada's largest) and 12 hundred roll-fed thermoformers installed worldwide.


The sector encompasses different industries with a focus on Forestry, Food & Beverage and Advanced Manufacturing.


Maibec CanExel: A large manufacturer of engineered wood siding, Maibex CanExel is a significant employer and have well-developed export markets.

Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers Association: The Municipality of Chester resides in Lunenburg County which is the Christmas Tree capital of the world. Our local Christmas Tree industry is concentrated and has well-developed export markets. Local producers include G&C Hughes Enterprises Ltd. and J&M Reeves Christmas Greens Ltd.

Food & Beverage

Black Harbour Distillers: Crafters of fine blended spirits producing White Rum, Maple Rum and Blueberry Vodka.

Bulwark Cider: Owner operated value-added beverage company focused on apple cider products with well developed export markets.

Dan’s Microgreens: Grower of niche vegetables and herbs in an exciting new produce category.

Peasant’s Pantry: Using traditional methods and locally sourced meat to make raw and ready-to-eat specialty meats.

Tanner & Co. Brewing: Independent brewer focused on using traditional German Ale styles to produce unique craft beers.

Tipping Point Distillers: Producing of world class spirits using locally sourced ingredients to produce a truly Canadian product.

Cedar Bay Grilling Company: A family owned producer of frozen seafood products, Cedar Bay has won several prestigious awards in North America and the U.K.

Advanced Manufacturing

Hawboldt Industries: Designing and building made-to-order deck equipment, Hawboldt works with vessel owners and designers in the ocean science, workboat, oil & gas, national defense, and general shipbuilding industries.

GN Thermoforming Equipment: A leading manufacturer of roll-fed thermoformers for the production of high-quality plastic packaging. 

Vale Packaging: Manufacturing custom plastic packaging for food growers, processors, bakers, and manufacturers throughout North America.

Local Spotlight

Lunenburg County

Christmas Tree Capital of the World

There is estimated to be more than 15,000 acres of Christmas trees in production in Nova Scotia, with the majority in Lunenburg County. The industry features 300 growers, providing 4,000 full-time and part-time jobs and exports to international markets of about $9 million.

Hawboldt Industries

Manufacturer of Canada’s largest, most complex marine crane


Hawboldt Industries was founded in 1906 as a supplier to the fishing industry. Since it has evolved into a world-renowned designer, manufacturer and exporter of engineered marine equipment.

GN Thermoforming

Machinery and tooling for the plastic packaging industry


A leading manufacturer of roll-fed thermoformers for the production of high-quality plastic packaging. The company, whose workforce has grown from six employees to over 100, has enjoyed significant and steady growth over the past 30 years. Their products have been exported to 66 countries and over 1200 thermo formers have been installed worldwide.

Cedar Bay Grilling Company

Manufacturing award-winning frozen salmon products


Cedar Bay Grilling Company is a family owned, locally operated company producing frozen seafood products. Their manufacturing facility in The Municipality of Chester maintains AA certification with BRCGS meeting high global standards in food safety, food quality, and regulatory compliance.

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