Privacy Statement


Some information contained within the website has been obtained by outside sources. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of content, the Municipality of Chester accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions, whether caused by data entry, programming error, computer malfunction or any other possible circumstance that may result in misinformation or malfunction.

Any links to other websites are suggested as sources of more information about municipal services. The Municipality of Chester is not an agent for, and does not recommend or endorse for any purpose, any person, or product referred to in any of these linked websites.

Basic Statement

Municipal government websites are covered by the Municipal Government Act (MGA), Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy. Our website privacy statement arises from that Act, other legislation, and fair information practices.

What it means

On our website, we collect personal information about you only when you explicitly provide it. Examples of that collection would be when you complete an online form specifically requesting your personal information. We protect the personal information given to us when you fill out a form. We have implemented a variety of security measures to ensure that your personal information is not lost, misused, altered, or unintentionally destroyed.

What do we mean by personal information?

By "personal information" we mean any information about you as an identifiable individual including your name, an identifying number such as your driver's licence number, your birth date, your email address, or your credit card information. (For other examples, see: MGA, Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, section 461 (f))

What we don't do

We do not provide personal information gathered on the websites to third parties except with your express permission or as permitted by law. (For example, see: MGA, Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, section 485)

What we might do

We may release or use your personal information provided on the websites for the purpose for which it was provided or for a compatible purpose. We may also do so if we are permitted under law, such as under a subpoena, or to collect a debt owing to the Municipality. This may include sharing information within the government when it is necessary. (For example, see: MGA, Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, section 485)

Do we use cookies or tracking devices?

We may use cookies or tracking devices during your visit to our website. Information gathered by these technologies will disappear once you leave the website, with the following exceptions: feedback forms such as quick polls, contests, and surveys. A persistent cookie is set to help prevent duplicate entries or multiple submissions. This cookie is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

Server logs

Web servers automatically collect some information about a visitor's computer or other access device, such as its Internet protocol address or browser version, in their logs. This information is used in aggregate form for statistical purposes only.

Access to your information

You are entitled to correct any personal information gathered through the websites that we hold about you. If you want to correct your personal information, appropriate contacts are listed throughout the site for you to direct enquiries. If no contact is identified, then you should contact the webmaster through the Contact Form. (For example, see: MGA, Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, section 484).

To request access to a record containing your personal information please submit a FOIPOP Application.

Registering a complaint

If you believe your privacy has been compromised due to the mishandling of your personal information you may register a complaint. Include what the complaint is about, what personal information is involved, when the incident occurred, who is involved and attach any relevant documents.

For further information about our privacy protocols, please contact us at